Do cats see ghosts?

Have you ever seen you pet cat staring at nothing? There are times when the pet appears to be interacting with some unseen entities. Can cats see something that cannot be seen by human eyes? Cats are often associated with the mystical. It would not be surprising if the cat owner attributes the pet with supernatural abilities. Some cat owners believe that the pet has the ability to see ghosts. Do cats really see ghosts? Some cat owners would say yes and even have goose-bump producing stories. Scientists though would aver that there are no proofs that cats can see ghosts.

Cats are mystical…magical. Cats have lived with humans for hundreds of years. Cat owner and pet have become inseparable friends but these lovable animals would sometimes show behaviors that are incomprehensible to humans. Cats were loved and revered by the ancient Egyptians. The goddess Bast is depicted in the shape of a cat. However, during the medieval times, cats were associated with the dark forces. Cats were branded as animals in league with demons and devils. During the middle ages, cats, especially the black ones became the most maligned animals as they were associated with witchcraft and occultism. Cats are believed to be cohorts of the devil and therefore have supernatural abilities. People hate and fear these diabolical creatures. As such, captured cats are burned just like when witches are burned at the stakes. The maltreatment for these poor felines ended with the witch hunts. Cats were again favored by mankind especially when these animals were proven to be excellent vermin hunters. Of course, cats became well-loved pets because of their endearing personalities.

Cats were domesticated and became wonderful home companions but the magical and otherworldly personality remained. A lot of cat owners feel intimidated by the cat’s non-blinking eyes. Unlike dogs, cats are not gregarious pets. Cats are noted to have a rather mysterious personality. Some owners believe that their pets have psychic abilities and therefore in tune with otherworldly beings. Cat owners would tell stories how the pet hat has been intently staring into space would suddenly arch its back and with the hair standing up on its ends, would hiss and spit at something unseen. Cat owners would believe that the pet has seen a ghost.

Do cats really see ghost? Scientists would scoff at the idea. Animal behaviorists and cat experts don’t believe that cats can see ghosts but they have an explanation for the cat’s unusual behavior. Cats are endowed with ultrasensitive senses…senses that are much more sensitive than what humans have. Cats are hunters and they hunt by stalking. A cat would intently stare at the prey before it would leap for the kill. The cat that has been staring into space may be watching a prey. Cats have excellent night vision. What the cat can see in very low illumination will not be seen by human eyes. Cats have very sensitive hearing and scenting abilities as well. These very sensitive senses can be the reason why the pet is manifesting a rather eerie behavior. Despite the explanations made by cat experts, a lot of cat owners that have seen the mysterious actions of the pet would still believe that cats really have the ability to see ghosts. Are you a cat owner? Do you think you pet can see entities we humans cannot see?