Do cats see spirits?

A lot of people would be skeptical of the idea that animals can see entities that cannot be seen by human eyes. It is commonly believed that animals do not have souls. As such even owners that believe in ghosts and spirits would be stretching the imagination too far to believe that cats and other animals can see spirits. However, people that have connections to the spirit world believe that it is possible for animals to see ghosts. A pet that has bonded closely with the owner that dies may show signs that it can see the spirit or the ghost of the departed.

Even in these modern times, the personality of cats is still shrouded in mystery. Can this be because of the cats’ aloof and solitary nature? Cats have always been associated with otherworldly occurrences. Cats as well as witches’ hats remain to be the most common Halloween symbols. Hundreds of folktales and superstitious beliefs about cats exist all over the world. Cats’ nine lives, the glowing eyes and its nature of roaming at night when people and other animals are sleeping are reasons why these animals were associated with evil. During the ancient times, cats are believed to be used by witches as their familiars. It is therefore not surprising if people believe that cats can see spirits.

What would you do if your cat that was quietly lying on its favorite corner would suddenly tense up and raptly look at the stairs as if following someone climbing the stairs with its eyes? The cat’s eerie behavior would make your hair stand on end. A lot of cat owners have their own stories to tell about the eerie and unexplainable behavior of their pets. While some owners would try to find a logical explanation for the cats’ unusual behavior, others would believe that the cat is seeing unseen entities.

Scientists may scoff at any kind of idea that has no scientific basis. However, a lot of cat lovers have been exposed to the unexplainable abilities of cats. Cat owners know that their pets have special abilities. We have heard of stories how a cat managed to know when the owner or when its favorite person is in danger or about to die. Cats are believed to have a sixth sense thus it is highly possible for these feline friends to have the ability to see spirits. Scientists would believe otherwise and would associate a cat’s unusual behavior to its ultrasensitive senses. A cat that suddenly tensed up after staring into space may have heard or may have smelled a prey or a predator. However, it is also possible that the cat has seen a spirit. Cats are intelligent animals and their heightened senses make them perceptive of entities both in the physical and spiritual realms.