Do cats sense pregnancy?

Cat owners exposed to the unexplainable behaviors of the pets would assert that these animals have extraordinary abilities. One of the unexplained abilities of cats is to sense pregnancy. Of course there is no scientific proof for the cat’s ability to play doctor. However, many pet owners have their own stories to tell how the pet managed to know their delicate condition. Cats have the amazing ability to sense pregnancy because aside from being gifted with ultrasensitive 5 basic senses, cats are believed to have 6th sense as well.

Cats really do have amazing abilities. Pet parents that scoff at the old wives tale that cats can sense pregnancy would be flabbergasted when the pet exactly did the same. How would an owner know that the pet is aware of her pregnancy? Cats, as we all know are not very big on showing affection. It is not the nature of cats to demand attention and to follow the owner around. Cats may rub against the owner’s legs…some would even be very vocal but these behaviors are commonly manifested when the cat wants something. True, some cats that have bonded closely with the human friends would jump into the owner’s lap for a belly rub whenever there is an opportunity but generally, cats would still be the aloof and independent animals that they are.

As mentioned, cats are believed to possess a 6th sense. Aside from this fact, Nature has gifted these animals with ultrasensitive senses. A cat’s vision, sense of hearing and sense of smelling are much more heightened than what humans have. Moreover, cats are highly attuned to the emotions of the owner. A pregnant owner is expected to manifest drastic emotional and physical changes. It appears that the pet notices any emotional and behavioral change the owner shows. A few weeks into pregnancy, physical changes will be noticed as well. A cat that has noticed the delicate condition of the owner will be extra affectionate and extra protective. The cat’s ability to sense pregnancy is incredible as there are times when the cat would be the first to know about the owner’s condition. The owner that is unaware of her pregnancy will be puzzled at the change of the pet’s behavior. Cats are intelligent animals…one that seems to be placidly lying on its corner and appears to be uninterested in what is going on in its environment is actually observing everything that is happening. The owner that jogs everyday will now be seen by the cat always lying down on the couch. The hale and hearty owner would be seen puking every morning. All these changes will be noticed by the pet. A pregnant woman’s body goes through hormonal changes. The heightened senses allow cats to know what is going on inside the owner’s body. The cat would then try to be protective. The once aloof pet would be the shadow of the pregnant owner. The cat would be extra affectionate as well. The cat may not be aware that the physical and the emotional changes manifested by the owner means that a baby will come after nine months but it will be protective of its owner … so protective that the cat would bristle when the baby’s father comes near.

A cat that can sense pregnancy is actually a good thing especially for the pregnant lady. The presence of the pet can prevent boredom and depression, lower blood pressure and improve the mood. Studies have proven that purring has therapeutic properties. Pregnancy is not an illness but pregnant women do suffer from discomfort as well as various aches and pains. The purring of the cat helps alleviate the general discomfort associated with pregnancy.