Do cats sleep more in the winter?

Cats are sleeping experts. Any cat owner would tell you that their pets are almost always having a close eye. A cat’s day is commonly spent doing four major activities – grooming, playing, eating and sleeping. Cats would be seen sleeping anytime of the day. Most cats would sleep a lot because of boredom. Cats that are left alone at home all day would spend most of the day sleeping. Humans tend to sleep more in the winter. The cold weather would not permit a lot of outdoor activities thus most people would stay indoors and sleep. The snow and the cold weather will prevent cats from roaming too. Like humans cats are also known to sleep more during the winter months.

A cat owner has to accept the fact that these animals are not as active as dogs. Dogs are always on the go. Dogs even require their owners to provide them with activities where they can expend their excess energies. Cats are playful animals too but they are not as energetic as dogs. After playing for a while, cats would find a quiet corner and sleep. Sleep is in fact the favorite pastime of cats. Cats have perfected the act of sleeping as soon as they lay down.

All cats love sleeping but the sleeping pattern differs between individuals. A newly born cat would be sleeping practically the whole day and the whole night for the first few days. Sleeping time would be lessened as the cat grows. The young cat would be more active and would tend to play more. The cat would also try its paws at hunting. Time spent for sleeping would again increase as the cat gets older. Senior cats are not too playful. Add to this is the fact that most senior cats are already weighed down by health concerns. Other situations affect the sleeping patterns of cats. For instance, indoor cats that do not need to hunt and cats that are left alone at home all day would spend more time sleeping. Stray cats and cats in the wild would need to hunt and to be alert to stave off possible predator attacks. The number of sleeping hours may not be as long as the sleeping time of indoor cats that have no need to hunt and to be alert to fend off predators. Practically the same thing would happen during winter months. Because of the cold, cats would be more inclined to sleep. Cats love to sleep but cats would not sleep just anywhere. Cats would look for a safe and comfortable place to bed. Cats love to be comfortable. If the weather is hot, cats would look for a shaded nook. Cats would then sleep under the shade of a tree, or under the stairs. During the winter months, cats would look for warm and cozy place. Cats would be seen curled up on the rug in front of the fire. Cats would also look for spots that get the rays of the sun. Pet cats tend to sleep more in winter as most would be prevented playing outdoors by the cold or by the snow. Sleeping time in winter though may not long for homeless cats. Cats in the wild and stray cats though may not find a warm and safe place to sleep. These homeless cats would need to hunt and prey may not be plentiful in winter. With these kinds of situations, it is possible for homeless cats not to sleep more during the winter months.