Do cats sweat?

Cats sweat because they have sweat glands. Their sweat glands can be located between their little toes. The cat can also sweat through their paws. The cat’s paw pads have the most sweat glands. We can notice that during hot days the wet paw print can be seen in the tiled floors.

The footpad is made up of very thick epidermis. Epidermis is the outmost layer of the skin. Underneath the surface layer of the skin is a deeper layer called dermis. The sweat gland is produce at the dermis. There are two kinds of gland-the apocrine sweat gland and eccrine sweat glands. The main function of the apocrine gland is to keep the cat cool. This gland is located around the hair follicles on the cats face. Pheromones are being discharged by the hair follicle. These pheromones are used by the cats to communicate and to attract a potential mate. Cooling the cat’s body is the function of the eccrine gland. This gland produces a clear and odorless secretion that is called perspiration or sweat. The secretion that is produced by this gland is distributed directly to the skins surface opening called pores. Just like dogs cat also sweat to cool themselves or to lower their body temperature. The normal body temperature of cat is within the range of 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of that, cats can bear heat better than humans. If the cat becomes extremely hot, the cat can suffer heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Panting is a behavior most common in dogs. Cats can also pant. Panting is the most effective way for cats to minimize their body temperature. It works by letting the heat of the hottest part of the body to escape through their mouth. However, there are times when panting is not considered normal in cats. It can be a sign of a life threatening concerns. Cat pants when they are stressed or ill. Cats do not like water very much…these animals are in fact afraid of water. Getting wet may also trigger the cat to pant.

The body temperature of the cats may be intensified due to many things. On hot days you may see a dog panting like crazy while the cat may appear not to be affected by the hot temperature. Cats are known to be fastidious groomers. Cats will lay back and appear to be leisurely grooming. But they are actually working to cool themselves. Licking is a mechanism for cooling. When the saliva evaporates off the cat’s fur it helps them to lower their temperature. Heat stroke is also possible to cats. Organ failure, brain swelling and blood clotting disorders are health concerns that may lead to death in a cat that suffers from heat stroke.

Panting is not common in cats. If you are a cat owner, you have to look for a possible reason why your cat is panting. Panting can be caused by neurological disorder, cardio vascular disorder and hematologic disorder. If the cause of panting is heat, it can be easily be resolved. Your cat simply needs to be taken to a temperature controlled room. There are many ways to keep the pet from suffering too much heat. You can apply cool water to your cat’s armpit, groin and front of the neck to help minimize the heat. Always remember to have fresh and clean water for your cat. Never leave them inside your car, especially in hot weather. Avoid strenuous activity. Keep your cat indoors during hot days. A fan may also be directed towards the cat to cool them. If you notice that your cat is drooling and appears to be weary weak, take the pet at once to a veterinary facility. The pet has to have immediate medical attention.