Do cats swim?

Cats do not like water. Giving the pet a bath is a very challenging task for most cat owners. Cat experts advise owners to provide the pet with wet diet because these animals are not good water drinkers. It is therefore expected that cats do not like swimming. Generally, cats do not really like to swim. However, there are cat breeds that love swimming. A cat may appear to hate the water but if it is absolutely necessary, cats can swim.

Cats do not swim…these animals do not like water. There is some degree of truth to this notion. Every bathing time, domestic cats would put up a good fight. Most cats hate getting wet. Cats have the reputation for being fish eaters. Cats are often pictured ogling a fish or facing a plate of fish bones. However, fish swimming in the pond would not entice the cat to take a dip. Cats are not big on drinking either because their water requirement is provided by the prey they eat.
Cats have originated from arid lands. As such, cats have not developed a liking for water. Experts though have a different theory. Cats that have originated from hot regions would take every chance they can get to cool off. If there is an opportunity to swim, cats would swim readily. Wild cats, lion and tiger would therefore swim to cool themselves. On the other hand, cats that have originated from cold climates would naturally avoid getting wet. Wild cats, snow leopards and bobcats would not dare to dip even their paws in cold water.

What of domestic cats…do these felines swim? Cats, like dogs would inherently know how to swim. Most domestic cats would not like to swim but they will swim if they need to. Given a chance, a cat would run and hide if the owner is seen preparing the pet’s bath. Cats would not want to swim because water will be trapped in the fur and therefore would not be able to provide them insulation from cold. Because cats do not like water, getting wet will be an unpleasant and dreaded experience. The coldness of water on the cat’s body will trigger a nerve that will cause the cat to pant. Some cat breeds though love swimming. The Turkish Van was given the name the Swimming Cat because unlike other cat that do not like to be immersed in water, this breed loves swimming. These cats are expert swimmers. The paws are used as paddles that propel the cat’s body forward and the tail functions like a rudder. A Turkish Van will swim every chance it can have. As the name suggests, the Turkish Van has originated from Turkey. These cats have found a way to combat the very hot summers in this country. Turkish Vans would find a watering hole and swim.

Cats do not like to swim…these animals may not be very good swimmers but they have the natural instinct to swim. A cat that falls on a pool would manage to swim for a while. Cats can swim but they do not have the ability to swim for long. The cat may not survive if it is not fished from the pool at once. Once the lungs fill with water, the cat will drown.