Do cats talk to each other?

Although cats cannot talk the way we humans do, it is not uncommon for cat owners to talk to the pet in human language. Cats primarily use meowing to talk with people. Cats can understand each other. How do cats talk with other cats? How do cats communicate with other members of their tribe? Cat communication is both simple and elaborate. To talk with each other cats use subtle body language and sounds. Scent and touch are other communication tools cats use to make themselves understood by other cats.

Cats are known to be solitary animals. Cats hunt alone and live alone. In the wild, cats would only be with other cats during the mating season. However, it appears that cats do talk and communicate with each other. Apparently, talking amongst cats would be more common in urban areas where feral and stray cats stay together in colonies. These cats communicate with each other all the time using their own brand of talking – body language, different cat sounds and scent. Cats’ native language is scent and body language. The different cat sounds are mainly used when they are mating or when they are fighting. In a home where there are several pet cats, owners would seldom hear the pets talking with each other. The cats would play, eat and sleep together without making much noise. Cat experts believe that the cats may be talking with each other but the very low sound they make is hardly heard by humans. The twitching of the ears, the way the tail is held and the famed cat stare is commonly used to make themselves understood by other cats. Cats have different personalities. While others can be so talkative, some individuals have nothing much to say and would manifest the aloof nature of their species. However, even talkative cats would communicate with other cats using their very own cat body language.

Cats have the language of smell. It is in fact the first language a newly born kitten learns. Kittens are born deaf and blind and these little ones are guided by their nose to find momma cat’s nipples. The scent glands of cats are found on the chin, on the corners of the lips and at the temples and at the base of the tail. A cat’s scent is distinct thus it is used as their signature smell. When cats rub their faces and bodies against objects, when they scratch object with their sharp claws, they are leaving their own scent. This scent mark will make other cats learn about the presence of the scent owner. The cat that has marked the spot is actually talking to the other cats and telling them that the territory was already claimed.

The meowing and the other sounds cats make are commonly used to talk with humans. The meowing is actually a demand sound. Cats meow to ask for food, to be let out or to ask the owner for some belly rubbing. Cats seldom use cat sounds when they talk with other cats. A cat that has met another cat it knows may let out a small meow acknowledging the presence of the other cat. A cat faced with an aggressive cat may let out a high pitched and loud meowing. It is either the cat’s manifestation of aggression or submission. When mating, the screaming sound made by the female cat denotes anger and/or pain. Usually, cats do not use cat sound when talking or communicating with each other. These animals have developed a very effective communicating system. Even without making a sound, cats would understand each other through its scent and body movements.