Do cats talk to you?

Are you the kind of cat owner that uses the pet as a sounding board for all your woes? Wouldn’t it be ideal if the pet can give its ten cents worth of advice? Cats make wonderful pets. Unfortunately these entertaining pets cannot talk the way we humans do. However, cat owners that have formed strong ties with the pet have averred that their cats can communicate with them. Cats do talk with their owners and some owners can perfectly understand what the pet wants to say.

How do cats talk to their human friends? Cats talk to their owners in their “native tongue”. Instead of human words, our feline friends would make use of different cat sounds. “Meow” is the basic cat sound. Most people would view this sound as an all-purpose sound cats use to communicate with humans. There are other sounds in the cat’s repertoire. Cats would hiss, growl, scream and chatter. However, studies have shown that cats generally use “meow” when talking with humans. Meow is a plea for attention, a command or a call for help. Meow can be a protest or a show of indignation.

How many times has the cat disrupted your sleep when it meows incessantly during the wee hours of the morning? In most cases, the cat is talking and asking the owner to fill its food dish. Generally cats hate water. These pets would put up a good fight to avoid being bathed. The cat would meow indignantly. It is the pet’s way of telling the owner that it does not want to be bathed. Cats that have been left alone at home all day would start meowing as soon as the owner opens the door. The cat is pleading for the owner’s attention. Meowing is the cat’s way of telling the owner that it is glad the favorite person is home. The cat may be asking for food. The meowing cat wants attention. Bring out the cat’s favorite toy or sit on the couch and be ready to give the pet some loving belly rub. Different volume, tone, pitch and rhythm of meowing have different meanings. To understand the pet, a cat owner has to know what the different meows of the pet mean.

Purring is another sound cats use to talk with humans. Purring was once believed to be a sign of the cat’s pleasure. Cats that are cuddled and rubbed would show their pleasure and appreciation for the owner’s attention by purring. Recent studies have shown that purring can also mean that the cat is stressed or in pain. Mama cats purr while giving birth. Injured or sick cats would purr as well because of the pain.

Cats do not use human vocabulary but these animals can have conversations with their human friends. Amazing! Cats may not have the ability to talk the human way but these animals have developed a highly efficient communication system. Aside from the sounds cats make, these animals talk to humans using body language. The cat would talk to you using its ears, its tail and the position of its body. A cat that rolls on its back as soon as you open the door is telling you he is happy you are home. A cat that holds its tail high and has erect ears is asking you to play. Dogs are not the only guard pets. Cats are also protective of their owners. Generally, cats are calm animals. A pet cat that has perceived danger would growl, bare its teeth, unsheathe the claws and twitch the rigid tail very fast. Remember, cats are believed to have a sixth sense. A cat that is manifesting this kind of behavior in front of a guest may be telling the owner that the guest is not to be trusted.