Do cats talk?

Does a cat talk? Many cat owners would answer in the affirmative. Cat owners would like to believe that they can understand the pet because it talks. It is common for pet parents to attribute the pet with human-like qualities. Some cat owners would brag about their pet’s ability to vocalize some common human words. One cat owner has attested that her pet calls her “nonna”. Yes, the cat talks but not in the same way humans talk. Cats have their very own language and an owner that wants to understand the pet must learn how to talk the cat way.

Generally, cats are quiet animals. Most cat owners would only be exposed to the cat’s vocalization during mating season. A “calling” cat can be very annoying given the fact that these animals tend to vocalize when humans are sleeping. Cats though have different personalities. Some cats are very quiet you would seldom hear a sound coming from the pet. Other cats are very talkative. While the inclination of the cat to vocalize would at first amuse owners, the constant meowing though can be irritating especially when the owner is trying to grab some sleep.

Cats have their very own felinese language. Cats use a lot of body language to communicate. The different tail and ear movements of the pet have different meanings. Cats use purrs, yowls, growls, hisses and meows to communicate. Animal behaviorists have noticed that these vocalizations are commonly used when cats talk with humans. Apparently, body language is used when cats communicate with other cats. Vocalizations between cats are only heard when these animals are fighting or when they are mating. Experts believe that the usual vocalization cats make to talk with other cats is so low humans cannot hear. Additionally, meows are only used when cats talk to people. Cats can be a pest at times. A cat would meow to wake the owner. A cat that is asking for food would meow incessantly. The owner that can no longer ignore the racket being made by the pet would rouse from sleep to give the pet some food. In a multi-cat household, it will be noticed that the cats do not vocalize if they want to share the food being eaten by another pet. A cat would simply approach the other cat and start eating from its dish. Cats do not meow or growl when playing with other cats. Meows therefore are vocalizations reserved for humans. Meows are demands. The meowing cat is talking to the owner and asking to be rubbed, to be fed or to be let out.

Purring and screaming are other ways by which cats talk. Purring, as most people know is a sign of contentment and happiness. Recent studies have shown that cats purr too when in pain. A cat that is being bathed by the owner will scream. Screaming, chattering, hissing are other ways by which cats talk and communicate with humans, with other cats and with other animals.