Do cats understand humans?

Cats have been domesticated for at least two thousand years. Cats have grown very close to humankind. The relationship between humans and cats has lasted because both understand each other. With higher levels of intelligence, humans are expected to understand cats. Although the intelligence of these animals is not at par with the intelligence of humans, it is apparent that cats understand humans too.

Some people may not understand cats because these are complex animals. Only cat lovers would make the effort to understand a cat. Cats make wonderful pets but these animals are often dubbed as wily and opportunistic. It is often said that cats are not owned…cats own humans instead. Cats perfectly understand their human friends. These quirky creatures know how to wrap their owners around their little paws.

Cat owners would state that their pets understand them perfectly. Pet parents have the tendency to anthropomorphize. Pet parents are inclined to attribute the pet with human-like behavior and qualities. A cat owner would brag about the pet’s ability to understand human language. Eat, get off, sleep, come here are some of the common words understood by cats. Scientists believe that cats do not really understand the words spoken by humans. However, the evolutionary mechanisms have allowed cats to adapt to the things in their environment by relying on their instincts and their senses. Cats learn by observation. A cat would understand that when the owner gets the can opener, its feeding bowl will soon be filled with food. A cat that has had a traumatic experience at the vets, would try to hide when the owner brings out the carrier bag. A cat would understand that it can have some pleasurable cuddling and belly rubbing when its favorite person sat down on the couch to watch its favorite TV show.

Cat owners would attest to the pet’s inclination to provide comfort. Cat experts believe that these animals get highly attuned to the emotions of their owners. The cat would meow plaintively and rub its body against the lonely or depressed owner. Science has no explanation for the cat’s behavior but many cat owners would say that they have experienced similar situation with the pet.

Cats have different personalities. While some cats would get awards for being the most behaved pets, others would test the owner’s patience with their behavior. Cats understand humans but these animals would not budge an inch if the human’s demand would not be profitable for them. A cat would not come when called if it doesn’t know what is in store for him if he answers the call. Cats understand the owner’s “Get off” but it would ignore the command if it interferes with its comfort. The owner’s repeated command would fall on deaf ears as the cat would not vacate the couch. Try calling the cat’s name and rustling the paper bag holding its favorite treat and see how the cat will jump with alacrity.

Without a doubt, cats are one of the most lovable and affectionate though maddening and exasperating pets. These animals can be so affectionate and full of charm one moment and aloof and snooty the next. Cats have learned to understand humans but it appears that humans are still perplexed by the rather unexplainable behavior of these pets. Cats may be snooty and may feign indifference at times but we love them anyway.