Do cats understand kisses?

Domestication has not erased the innate independent personality of cats. Cats sure do love their human friends but they have remained aloof. A cat parent would not be able to say that he/she owns the cat because these animals are not lavish with their affection. Cats would only tolerate the cuddling and the petting of the human friend. These fur balls may even protest when hugged and kissed because it is highly possible that cats do not understand kisses bestowed by humans.

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets. It is not uncommon for people to compare these two animals. But let’s face it. When it comes to being affectionate, cats and dogs appear to be poles apart. Dogs could have originated from the South Pole and cats from the North Pole. Dogs are very demonstrative with their affection. These pets show their love for the human friend by following the human around, by wagging the tail when the owner arrives and by giving sloppy kisses every chance they can get. Cats also form strong bonds with their owners but they are not big on PDA.

Cat owners are often heard complaining about the pet’s inclination to feign indifference. Cats would not come when called. Cuddling and petting are allowed but only on the cat’s terms. A cat that has had enough of the owner’s rhythmic rubbing would jump away… and when restrained, it would growl and sink the teeth on the owner’s hand. This is the reason why people that do not like cats believe that these animals’ association with humans is simply a survival strategy. Cat owners and cat lovers though have a different theory. Cat lovers believe that cats really form strong bonds with their human friends. Cats may not have the unswerving obedience and steadfast loyalty of dogs but these pets have their own way of showing their affection to humans.

Cats do not understand what human kisses are because they have a different way of manifesting their affection. Hugging, licking and kissing are not on the cat’s bag of affectionate tricks. How do cats show their love to their human friends? Cat kiss is different from human kiss because cats do not use their mouths to kiss. Cats kiss with their eyes. Cats are famed for their unblinking stare. A cat’s stare is kind of intimidating given the fact that these animals have a rather mystic personality. In the presence of the person it likes or trusts, a cat would do eye blinks. This eye action that is different from winking is the cat’s version of the human kiss.

Cats are inherently independent and aloof animals. Domestication has generally eliminated cat’s wariness. A pet cat would accept the affectionate attention of the human family. The cuddling, petting, hugging and kissing will be allowed but only on the cat’s terms. It appears that cats are repulsed by humans’ display of affection if they are forced on the pet. Cats have other ways of showing their love and affection. A cat’s repulsion to being hugged and kissed must not frustrate owners especially if the pet is inclined to rub its face and body against the owner. Cats are not “owned” as these animals do the owning. By rubbing the face and body against the human friend, the cat is actually transferring its own scent to claim the person as its “property.” Cats would only allow having its belly rubbed if the person that will be doing the rubbing is trusted.

Cats do not understand that a kiss is the owner’s sign of affection thus it would try to escape from the confines of the owner’s arms. The cat though would purr when lying on the owner’s lap. This is one good sign that the cat indeed loves its human friend.