Do cats watch TV?

Did you know that cats have become the newest captive audience of television? Yes, it’s true. Cats have been joining their owners on the couch for an enjoyable evening of watching top rating TV shows. Cats are now watching TV. It would not be surprising if cats would soon learn to dip their paws on the bowl of buttered popcorn and take a swig of ice cold beer straight from the can.

Cats really are not very energetic animals. Dog owners would make sure that the pet is provided with enough exercise to prevent development of unwanted behaviors. Cats are different. Cat parents can leave the pet at home all day without worrying that the pet will be destructive. The cat’s day will be spent grooming, sleeping and sitting on the window sill to watch flying birds and other roaming animals and be fascinated by cars and people passing by. In effect, the window becomes a giant screen that connects an indoor cat to whatever is happening outdoors. When the owner comes home at the end of the day, the pet will anticipate some cozy cuddling time with the owner in front of the television set. With the cat’s inclination to spend lots of time on picture windows and with its habit of lying on the lap of a television-watching owner, it is not surprising for these pets to develop the habit of watching TV. It was once thought that cats would only watch TV to be able to sit on the lap of the owner. The TV watching time of the owner becomes the cat’s chance to get some cuddling or belly rubbing from the owner. However, many cat owners have found out that the pet really loves watching television as they do watch even without the company of humans.

The cat has gone hi-tech! From their usual perch on window ledges to watch the world go by, cats have gravitated to the couch to watch TV. A cat so engrossed in watching TV is rather amusing to see. One cat owner has complained that since the pet has learned to watch TV its eyes are virtually glued to the screen. It has forgotten its usual habit of waiting at the door for the owner to arrive so that it can rub its body on the owner’s legs. Why are cats so fascinated with television? Certainly it cannot be because these fur balls would want to know who grabs the latest American Idol title or because they are interested with what is happening all over the world.

Studies have shown that cats do not have very long attention span. Cats that have developed a keen interest in watching TV would stay in front of the set for hours. Cat experts have attributed this kind of behavior to the cat’s inherent prey drive. Cats would get a kick out of watching TV the images in the screen because these animals have very sensitive motion vision. The images on the screen mimic the movements of prey. Aside from this fact, cats would also see images of other animals on the screen. The sounds these animals make will be heard by the cat as well.

Cats have become one of the most pampered pets because owners consider these pets as family members. More and more pet parents are making the effort to enrich the life of indoor pets. Providing the pet with toys is now passé. The latest trend is to leave the TV and the player on so that the cat can watch its favorite DVDs. Latest entertainment for these pampered furry friends include DVDs featuring fish tanks, butterflies and other animals. Pet food manufacturers would not want to be left behind. TV snacks for cats now sit on the shelves of pet supply shops…alongside cat foods and treats.