Do dogs and cats get along?

Cats and dogs are the most popular choices for family pets. These animals have made a significant difference to people’s way of life. A dog would not be enough for an animal lover. Most people would still want to have a cat for a pet. The common belief that cats and dogs cannot exist harmoniously in one household is a myth. Dogs and cats can get along just fine. The trick is to introduce them properly.

Generally, cats and dogs do not get along. A dog is a cat’s arch enemy. “Fighting like cats and dogs” is a phrase coined from these animals’ tendency to wrangle. Why do cats and dogs fight? Dogs have high prey drives…dogs tend to chase small animals that run. In a dog’s eyes, a cat is a prey. Cats are intimidated by the size and the bark of dogs. Whenever Doggie is in sight, kitty would run for dear life. This is one of the reasons why cats and dogs have become lifelong enemies. Personalities of these two animals clash. Dogs are energetic and playful. Apart from being less energetic and less playful, cats manifest a kind of high and mighty demeanor. Sniffing the behind of animals is a normal greeting for dogs. Very much like a lady, cats would be affronted by this kind of behavior. Tail wagging in dogs means “let us play/let’s be friends” while it is “don’t come near me” in cats. Aside from these facts, cats and dogs are both territorial. Fight would ensue if one animal has accessed the other’s territory.

Cats and dogs though can be trained to get along. The famed altercation between these animals should not rob people the chance to have cats and dogs as pets. Cats and dogs can learn to love each other and exist harmoniously in one household. Millions of households have cat and dog pets. Dogs and cats can get along famously. Pet parents that love to have these wonderful animals for pets have to make sure that they are introduced properly. But how would the pet parent do the introduction?

Cats and dogs can get along famously if both were taken home while still young and allowed to grow together at the same time. Aggression would be avoided not only because the animals are still young but also because both has not yet claimed the territory. The dog and the cat would then learn to co-exist. As both have grown together it is possible for the cat and the dog to bond so that they will play, eat and sleep together.

Older cats and dogs can still live in the same roof. A pet or two would never be enough for an animal lover. It would be very hard for these people to say no to another cat or to another dog. A cat or a dog that was found on the wayside will be taken home. It would never do to simply bring in a new dog or a new cat inside the home if there is already a resident pet. Introduction of the pets must be carefully planned. If the resident pet is dominant, the newcomer has to be confined in a safe area. It would take a few days before both pets would be acclimated to its other’s smell and presence. Dogs are usually more dominant thus the owner has to ensure that the cat would not have a negative experience with the dog.

Dogs and cats are two of man’s best friends. If properly socialized, interspecies harmony can be achieved. Dogs and cats do not always fight. These animals can get along well. Cat and dog lovers can have both these wonderful animals as pets.