Do female cats spray?

Feline spraying is one of the common reasons why cats are abandoned or taken to animal shelters. All cats, males and females, spray. Spraying is a behavior more common in male cats. However, female cats are known to spray too.

Spraying is a normal behavior of cats. To urine spray, a cat with the tail straight up would back into a vertical surface such as a wall, a door or furniture. With a rapt expression on the face, the cat would shoot a small amount of urine on the vertical surface. To spray, male cats would bend the hind legs; female cats would squat. Spraying is different from home soiling as the pet has not forgotten where the litter box is location. For a reason, a cat would expressly shoot a small amount of urine on the chosen spot.

As mentioned, spraying is more common in male cats. Male cats are more territorial and the main reason for spraying is to mark the territory. A cat’s urine contains pheromones that are used by cats to communicate with other cats. The spot sprayed by the cat would have a distinct and strong unpleasant smell. The spot sprayed will have the signature smell of the cat and would make other cats aware that the territory is already claimed. Female cats are not very territorial but there are instances when they would need to spray as well.

Just like male cats, female cats spray to mark the territory. Marking is more common in multi-cat household. The cats tend to spray to claim their territories because of overcrowding. Female cats spray when they are in heat. Spraying is the cat’s way of attracting potential sexual partners. The urine of a female cat in heat virtually advertises its willingness to accept a mate. Kitty’s tendency to spray can be stress related. A change in the environment would stress a cat. The family may have transferred to another home. The cat would spray to mark the new territory. A new baby or a new pet that gets all the attention of the family will distress the cat. To gain attention, the cat would spray. The pet will be reprimanded by the owner but scolding would be better than being ignored.

Spraying is one of the unwanted behaviors of cats. The smell of cat urine is very unpleasant. Naturally, owners would not want to live in a home that reeks of the cat’s urine. Do you have the same problem? Does your female cat spray excessively? Before you decide to get rid of your pet be aware that something can be done to resolve the cat’s spraying problem. A lot of cat owners would decide to have the pet spayed. The cat’s inclination to spray to attract potential mates will be eliminated because the reproductive organ was removed. Getting the cat spayed though is not an assurance that the cat would spraying. Spraying is a behavioral concern. To reduce the cat’s inclination to spray, the owner has to identify the reason why the cat is spraying. Once the cause of the problem is eliminated, preventing the pet from manifesting its spraying behavior would be easier.

Cats tend to spray again and again the spot that already has their scent. The cat is actually reinforcing their claim of the territory. The spot sprayed has to be thoroughly cleaned. Distracting the pet that is about to spray is another way to stop this unwanted behavior. Cats do not like the feel of something sticky on their paws. Placing double sided tape at the base of the spot usually sprayed by the cat will disturb its inclination to spray.