Do flea collars work on cats?

Yes flea collars works on cats. Flea collars do not kill fleas; rather they keep the fleas away. It only repels fleas at the site of the collar around the neck.

Flea infestation is a common problem when you have a cat. Fleas are small aggravating pests that bite the cat. The bite of a single flea can cause severe itching so that the cat would scratch excesssively. And the most common way to get rid of a cats’ flea is by using a flea collar.

Flea collars are common flea treatment products. Flea collars are divided into 3 basic types-chemical, electronic and herbal. Chemical flea collars come in two different types. One kind is the one with insecticide. It works by emitting toxic substance that keeps fleas away. This substance is breathed in by your cat and is absorbed into the skin. This collar type makes the area toxic to fleas. They can be successful in controlling fleas but sometimes the cats’ skin is not entirely drenched in the substance that is secreted by the flea collar although the collar continuously releases chemicals when it is used. The other type is the flea collar with IGR (insect- growth regulator) this type of collar breaks the fleas’ life cycle, preventing them from reproduction. Flea collars with IGR are more effective than the flea collar with insecticide. This collar is also much safer for the pet. Another type of flea collar is the electronic collar. This collar produces ultrasonic noise that keeps the fleas away. Herbal flea collars are another method to control fleas. It is saturated with insect repellent oil. However, the essential oil is readily absorbed in the cats’ skin and eventually enters the cats’ bloodstream. This type of flea collars helps repel fleas but do not do anything to kill them.

In buying your cats’ flea collar, make sure to choose the correct size for your cat. Also use the collar that is elastic to reduce the risk of your cat from being strangulated. Regularly check your cats’ neck for skin irritation. Most flea collar last about 3-6 months.

The use of flea collar is also associated with adverse effects. Flea collars contain chemicals that may be harmful to your cat. Cats need to be detoxified while using flea collars. Supplement your cat with vitamin C and a nutrient rich diet in order to clean its system. Flea collars with insecticide lose its effectiveness when it is wet. The flea collar contains substances that are toxic to cat. Make sure that your cat does not chew its collar. Some cats have neck irritation when using flea collars causing fur loss. Flea collars also pose a problem in a cat who loves to stay outdoors. Too loose collar may strangle them and lead to suffocation. Never allow excessive length of flea collar to hang off. Be sure that flea collar fits the cat’s neck properly. In using herbal flea collar keep in mind that a cat does not have the ability to metabolize essential oils like other animals do. And once the oil is not eliminated a toxic build up may occur in the cats’ body. Bear in mind that dogs’ flea collar should never be used on cats. The chemical level of a dog collar is different than that of a cat.

Flea collars work. But this is not an effective tool when used on its own. Still it is best to use flea collars with other flea treatments. If you are to buy a flea collar for your cat, research on what brand is the best for your cat. See your vet for a proper recommendation on what is the best type of flea collar that would effectively eliminate the cat’s free loaders.