Do girl cats spray?

Spraying or urine marking is a form of feline communication. All cats spray. Spraying is a behavior commonly seen in male cats. Pet owners though would notice that girl cats spray too.

A cat that sprays would back into a wall, a door or any vertical surface and shoot a small amount of urine. Spraying is a cat’s marking behavior. Although it would appear that a cat has forgotten to use its litter box, the cat’s inclination to spray is not a litter box problem. House soiling means that the cat will pee directly on the floor. A spraying cat though would direct the urine on a vertical surface. It is common for unneutered cats to manifest this kind of behavior. In male cats, spraying is associated with the desire to mark the territory and to advertise the sexual availability. Stress can motivate the cat to spray too. As spraying is associated with the cats sexual behavior, most cat owners would decide to have the pet fixed.

As mentioned, spraying is mostly seen in male cats. Girl cats though are known to engage in this behavior too. Reasons that motivate male cats to spray are also true with female cats. Spraying in female cats occur more often during the mating season. A cat in heat will spray to leave her scent that announces to the male cats in the area her availability to be mated. Girl cats are not as territorial as boy cats. However, female cats are also inclined to spray when they perceive that they are losing their territory. This situation is common in multi-cat household. Overcrowding and the desire to claim a territory would spur a pet so spray. Stress is another reason why a cat would spray. An owner of a cat that has never sprayed inside the house would be surprised to see the pet manifesting this unwanted behavior. Changes in the environment or stressful situations are motivating factors for the cat’s inclination to spray. A cat that is accustomed to the presence of its favorite human friend would suddenly develop the spraying habit if left alone. The anger or the frustration of being parted from someone it has bonded with will make a cat spray. A transfer to a new home, new owners or the introduction of new pets would be stressful situations for a cat. When a cat sprays, it is actually marking its environment with its own scent. It is the cat’s way of controlling the situation.

Cats have other unwanted behaviors too. Some pet parents would simply clean the spots sprayed by the pet rationalizing that this kind of behavior is not as destructive as scratching. Unfortunately, not all cat parents can ignore the cat’s inclination to spray given that the smell is more potent that the smell of urine. Cat parents would get the pet fixed to resolve its spraying behavior. However, spaying is no assurance that the female cat will altogether forget its spraying habit. This is one of the reasons for the overcrowding of animal shelters. Cat owners that cannot resolve the pet’s annoying spraying habit would simply leave the pet in shelters. Cat owners though must be aware that most of animals in shelters are put to sleep.

Cat owners can find other ways to deal with the pet’s inclination to spray. It is a common knowledge that cats are hard to train. Training the pet to refrain from spraying is expected to be a challenging task. However, there are devices and products that can be used to stop the cat’s inclination to aromatize the home with its brand of eau de feline spray.