Do male cats get along?

Inter-male aggression is typically seen in cats. It is not uncommon for male cats in the same household to fight as these are territorial animals. Pet male cats though can be trained to get along. Cats are wonderful animals to have around. Once the pets were trained to co-exist harmoniously peace would reign in the household.

The stillness of the night will be broken by the caterwauling of the fighting cats. The frequent fighting is a concern of cat owners not only because of the noise made but also because the scuffle of the chasing cats often leaves behind broken vases, uprooted plants and other wreckage inside the house. The fighting cats can also injure each other with their sharp teeth and claws. There are many reasons why pet cats of the same sex cannot get along. Generally, cats are not aggressive animals. However, in fighting can be caused by territorial, sexual and dominance aggression.

Cats, especially male ones are territorial animals. A new male cat introduced to the household will cause a once-calm resident pet to manifest aggressive behaviour as the newcomer will be viewed as an interloper. The new cat would be a threat as it can claim the old pet’s territory and toys. The newcomer will also be a rival to the owner’s attention and affection. Male cats that have gotten along well may suddenly become enemies. This situation commonly occurs during the mating season as male cats tend to fight over a female. A male cat’s sexual urge is significantly reduced by neutering. However, cats that have gained sexual maturity before getting fixed may still manifest sexual aggression. The difference in personalities can be the reason why male cats would not get along. A dominant cat and a passive cat would get along famously as the passive pet would allow the dominant one to be the leader. The passive cat would be tolerant to the dominance of the other pet. But if both the male cats have dominant personalities, the owner should expect altercations between the pets.

The cats’ tendency to fight prevents cat lovers from getting another pet. Cats though make wonderful pets and it is not unusual for cat lovers to have more than one pet cat. Cats really do have the tendency to fight. Fighting will occur between male and female cats as well as in cats of the same sex. However, it is possible to train the pets to tolerate each other. Pet cats can be coached to get along well. Cats in multi-cat households can co-exist harmoniously. The pets will be friends if both were brought home at the same time while still young. This way, the cat would not be able to claim the territory as its own as the area as well as the toys will be shared with the other cat. Growing up together, the cats would be playmates.

As what usually happens, another cat will be adopted and added to the existing pets at home. Oftentimes, this can result to aggression. Training the pets to get along can be difficult in this instance especially if all the pets are males. The resident male cats will guard their territories while the newcomer will try to urine mark the territory to be able to claim it as its own. The owner has to expect fighting among the pets. The owner has to be ready to exert more effort and to be more patient with the pets. Proper socialization is necessary to make the cats accept each other. It would never do to just allow the new pet to mingle with the resident pets at once. The trick is to introduce the new cat gradually. The owner has to closely supervise playtime until the cats can stay in one area without fighting.