Do male cats go into heat?

Male cats do not go into heat like female cats do. Male cats do not have heat cycles. Male cats are always ready, able and willing to mate any female cat in heat. Once they smell the female cat in heat, the male cat’s desire surge.

Typically male cats reach their sexual maturity between the ages of 4 to 6 months. At this age male cats produce sperm and are ready to mate with a female cat at any time. Once male cats attain sexual maturity they will have all the testosterone needed on board. A female cat in heat will produce the hormone pheromone. The scent will stimulate male cats causing the desire to surge.

Spraying extremely pungent urine on objects is one of the signs that the male cat has reached sexual maturity. Spraying is done to mark their territory, communicate with female cats and to fend off other male cats. Female cats in heat will produce a long and loud howl. This is called “the calling”. This is a means of communication for cats. Indoor male cats would try to sneak out to look for a potential sexual partner especially at night. This quest will take him far and wide across roads regardless of the risk of dangers that awaits him. Male cats can sense females in heat by the pheromones that they produce. These pheromones travel vast distances through the air which lead a male cat to the location of the female cat. Tom cats can detect the females’ scent for over 7 miles. The male cat becomes very excited in his quest and he does not notice what way he takes. This search can end in your cat being lost, stolen and hit by a car. As he wanders looking for his partner, he will most likely meet other male cats. And meeting other tom cats can result to fights. Fighting is a behavioral trait in animals. Testosterone in the unneutered male cats aids in this aggressive behavior. They also begin to develop thick fleshy pads on their cheeks as a protective gear in fighting with other male cats. Bite wounds to tom cats can result to abscess which needs veterinary care, oftentimes the wounds is infected with viral disease that put the cat’s life in danger. Too many un-neutered cats have missing eyes or ears or even scars due to this hormone induced fights. Male cats that are not neutered are always ready cats to mate with female cat.

It is advisable to get your male cat neutered. Neutering is a surgical procedure performed by the veterinarian to remove the cat’s testes. Once a male cat is neutered, he will stop chasing a female cat in heat and will be less aggressive. Neutered male cats are less likely to wander off, most of the time they stay indoors. They become less active and always tend to sleep. This means that neutered male cats during mating season are less likely to be badly hurt. Urine spraying in neutered male cats is significantly reduced. Testosterone levels of neutered male cats decreases. They do not have the psychological desire to mate. Neutering your cat is advantageous to him. It reduces the risk of testicular cancer. Intact male cats are at high risk of inflamed and enlarged prostate, but neutering your cat will greatly cut down the possibility of this. Neutering allows your cat to groom himself more; it is because of the fact that he is no longer in search of a female cat. A neutered cat will also stop spraying on objects. Neutering make your cats calmer and affectionate.

Male cats do not undergo heat unlike female cats. From the time they become sexually mature, male cats would always be ready to mate.