Do Siberian cats shed?

Unhealthy or ailing cats do not shed. Be glad that your cat is shedding…it means that your pet is healthy. Shedding though is a common concern of cat owners. Aside from hairless cat breeds, all cats shed. Siberian cats, the national cat breed of Russia shed too.

Siberian cat is an ancient breed of cat that originates from Russia. The Siberian cat naturally was naturally developed in the Siberia region more than two thousand years ago. These cats had existed in the harsh conditions of the Eastern Russian forests. Because of the friendly disposition and exotic appearance and intelligence, these cats were domesticated by the Siberian people. These cats were prized not only because of the beautiful appearance but also because these pets have managed to keep homes pest-free. Siberian cats are known to have a “dog-like” personality. Due to the solitary nature, most cats are known to exhibit aloof personalities. Instead of being owned, other cat breeds are known to own the humans instead. This is not so with a Siberian cats as it forms a strong bond with the human family. Siberian cats make loyal pets. This cat would come when called and just like a dog has the habit of following the owners around. Siberian cats are playful and affectionate as well. This breed loves to be lap pets and loves to receive cuddles and kisses from the human friends. This kind of personality makes this cat breed a popular choice for a pet.

A Siberian cat is a beautiful breed. The rounded body and head is covered with a magnificent fur coat. The tufted ears, the ruffed neck and the yellow-green colored eyes give this cat breed a glamorous appearance. This national cat of Russia is similar in appearance to a Maine Coon and also resembles the Norwegian Forest Cat. Siberian cats have weathered the unforgiving climatic condition of forests in Siberia because they are fully protected by their weatherproof coat. The tufted feet allow the cat to easily navigate ice and snow. Siberian cats have medium to long three layered coat. This breed’s fur consists of a long guard hair, a middle coat and the soft and dense undercoat. With this kind of coat, a prospective Siberian cat owner would wonder if one of the problems that will be encountered in choosing this cat for a pet is profuse shedding.

Shedding is one of the concerns cat owners have to deal with. In spite of the longish and dense coat, Siberian cats generally do not shed a lot. Siberian cats go through two molting periods that usually last for ten days. This breed sheds during winter and fall. The shedding that occurs in spring is rather heavy as the cat would have to lose its winter coat in preparation for the warmer months. As the cat’s summer coat is lighter, the fall shedding will not be profuse. The shedding pattern of this breed would not be a big concern of pet parents. The rather heavy shedding in spring can be accelerated by grooming the pet more frequently. While the cat is shedding, regular grooming is necessary so that dead hair is removed before they fall off inside the house. Daily combing will also prevent the fur from matting. Siberian cats that were introduced to bathing while young will not protest when bathed. Bathing the pet during the shedding period will also accelerate the shedding process.

Shedding concerns should not prevent cat lovers from enjoying the company of this lovable cat breed. Although some individuals would constantly shed lightly the whole year through, most Siberian cats would only go through two shedding periods. These two shedding periods can be dealt with easily.