Do you bathe cats?

Cats are very clean animals. A better part of a cat’s day is spent grooming. Cats, especially indoor pets do not really need baths. However, there are instances when it would be very necessary to bathe the pet. Some situations would require owners to bathe cats.

Cats are noted to be fastidious groomers. Cats do a good job of cleaning themselves. This is why cat owners would not include bathing in the grooming ritual of the pet. Aside from this fact, cats are known to hate being bathed. Cats would put up a good fight when drenched with water. Owners that are not into bathing the pet may sustain injuries from the unsheathed razor sharp claws of the pet. The struggling cat can make the bathing area look like a warzone. Bathing a cat is certainly a daunting task. As such, it is not uncommon for cat owners to put off bathing the pet. It is fortunate that cats keep themselves clean. Cat owners are saved from doing this difficult task too often.

However, there are situations when cats would really need to be bathed. Diarrhea is a common ailment of kittens. The fur can then get soiled with urine and feces. An orphaned kitten that is being bottle fed can have milk all over its body. A bath is therefore necessary. Bathing these very young kittens must be done carefully. To keep the kitten warm during the bathing process, the bathwater must be lukewarm. Keep the bathing process short. Five minutes would be enough to shampoo and rinse the cat. After the bathing process, the kitten must be dried thoroughly. Senior cats that can no longer clean themselves properly would need to be bathed too. Bathing is extremely necessary if they have made an accident and the fur is soiled with urine or feces.

Cats are playful and curious animals. While playing or in one of its investigating jaunts, the cat can get toxic substances on its fur. The toxic substance can have harmful effects on the skin. Cats have the inclination to lick the fur. Poisoning will result if the toxic substance on the fur is licked and ingested. This is another reason why a cat owner has to bathe the cat. Outdoor cats tend to wander. The pet can raid trash cans. It can also have an encounter with a skunk. The pet would then come home with an off-putting smell. The smell of skunk spray and the smell of rotten garbage on the fur can only be removed by bathing the pet.

Even owners that are daunted by the task of bathing the pet would have no other choice if the pet has skin problems or infested with external parasites and the vet has prescribed bathing as a part of the cat’s medication program. The medicated shampoo or dip would be necessary to cure the skin problem or to control the parasite infestation. The owner would have to bathe the pet.

Some breeds of cats love water but generally, cats do not like being bathed. Cats do not like bathing as getting drenched triggers panting. Cat owners must be aware that there are situations where bathing would be imperative. Getting the pet accustomed to the bathing process while still young would make the task easier. Bath the kitten at least twice or thrice a month. This will get the pet accustomed to the feel of water on its body and it will make bathing the pet in the future less of an ordeal. Bathing an older cat for the first can be done with the least injury on the part of the owner and less stress on the part of the pet. The owner though has to be extra patient and extra careful.