Do you wash cats?

Washing a cat that was not accustomed to the procedure would be a challenging task. Wise cat owners would make sure that the pet is trained to accept being washed preferably when still young as for sure a situation will crop up where the owner would need to wash the cat.

Do you wash your cat? “No! My cats are clean. They don’t need washing.” This would be the answer of most cat owners. Indeed, cats are fastidious groomers and they make a good job of keeping themselves clean. Cats are not water lovers. Cats do not like getting wet thus they put up a good fight every washing time. This is why cat owners would put the task of washing the pet at the bottom of the “to do” list rationalizing that the pet do not need washing anyway.

Normally cats really don’t need to be washed. Indoor cats can maintain the gorgeous appearance and the cleanliness of the fur with their constant licking. Cats, unlike other animals do not have an unpleasant smell. Cat owners can sleep with the pet without being bothered by the smell of the cat’s unwashed body. It would not be unusual for an indoor cat to live without being washed or bathed for the whole length of its life span. Cat washing would not be needed until a situation occurs where the owner would have no other choice but to wash the pet. This is where the problem comes in because the pet would certainly struggle.

If your pet is an outdoor cat you surely will be aware of the pet’s tendency to wander. If the cat is a tom, it can wander away from home in search of sexual partners and therefore would be away for a few days. It would not be surprising if the pet has a bedraggled appearance when it gets home. It is possible that the cat had a wrangling match with the contents of the trash can, had a fight with other cats or was sprayed by a skunk. Even if it is an outdoor cat, owners would still be bothered by the stink when the cat enters the home. In these kinds of situations, the owners would be forced to take on the task of washing the pet.

If your pet is an indoor-only cat, you may still need to wash the pets. Cats may not have the energies of dogs but these animals are also playful and noted to have a curious nature. A cat that has been poking its nose in places that are supposed to be off limits for pets (and children) can have an accident where bathing would be extremely necessary. The cat that has been investigating the can of toxic substance or the bottle of cleaner can end up with the fur soaked with the poisonous substance. We know that cats have the habit of licking their fur. If the pet is not washed, the toxic substance that remains on the fur will be licked and ingested. This can result to poisoning. A medicated dip or shampoo is often prescribed by vets to control flea and other octoparasite infestation. The same thing would be true if the pet is suffering from a skin disease. Aging cats that cannot groom themselves properly would need the owner’s attention. These are situations where the owner would need to wash the pet.

Cats really are clean animals but the notion that these pets do not need washing is wrong. Even indoor cats that maintain their cleanliness would still need to be washed. These pets would benefit from regular washing as this grooming routine removes the accumulation of dead skin and dead hair from the cat’s body.