Found a cat what to do

The forlorn mewing of an abandoned cat would tug at the heart strings of a compassionate person. Not everyone can turn their back on the pitiful sight of a lost and hungry cat. Abandoning animals is punishable by law. Unfortunately, abandonment continues as it is very hard to catch the culprits. As such it is not uncommon to find stray dogs and cats. What would you do if you found a cat? Some people would turn a blind eye and ignore the pitiful animal. Others would do something to ensure the well-being of the cat.

Compassion for animals would make a person that comes across a stray cat stop and help. There are several things that can be done for the stray. Cats are aloof animals but hunger and cold can make the stray approach people. The first thing you need to do is to ascertain if the cat you have found is a stray or a pet that has wandered away from home. Look for identification marks. Cats that belong to someone would usually have tags or tattoos. Although bedraggled, a pet cat that had strayed would appear healthy. The next decision is to bring the cat to an animal shelter or to bring it home. The problem that has become yours when you found the cat would be resolved if the cat is brought to an animal shelter. However, as most of these shelters are underfunded and overcrowded, animals that were not adopted or were not claimed by the owners are put to sleep after a prescribed period. Another option is to bring the cat home. But as you are not certain whether the cat is healthy or not, it would not be a good idea to bring it inside the home especially if there are other pets. The garage or a makeshift shelter can be the temporary home of the cat. A cardboard box will do as these animals love boxes. Provide the cat with food and water.

The next thing to do is to find the owner of the cat. Contact animal shelters, animal rescue groups and the nearest veterinary clinics. Owners that have lost their pets usually notify these facilities. Check the lost and found section of local newspapers and contact the local ASPCA. Another way to reunite the cat with the owners is to post notices with the cat’s description. Getting the cat reunited with the owners would be payment enough for all the efforts exerted. The thought that you have done something to help the poor cat certainly brings a good sense of accomplishment.

Not all lost cats can be reunited with the owners. It is possible that the cat that was found was abandoned. If the cat was not claimed, the task of finding a new home for the stray would be your responsibility. Things would be easier if it is possible to keep the cat. If it is possible to keep the cat, a cat lover would not think twice to care for the stray. Cats are wonderful to have around and one cat would never be enough for a cat lover. If the decision is to keep the cat, a visit to a vet is very necessary especially if there are other pets. The cat may be parasite infested or may be a carrier of feline disease. The ailing stray cat can endanger the health of the other pets. If there are already several pet cats and adding another one is not possible, a new home has to be found for the stray. Ask around. Ask friends and relatives. Someone would always be willing to have a cat for a pet. Finding a home for the cat is a better alternative to bringing it to an animal shelter where it can be euthanized.