Fun things to do with a cat

A cat is a regal animal. A cat would not be seen with tongue lolling after running energetically. A cat walks and moves daintily. The stately bearing though does not mean that a pet owner would not have the chance to enjoy doing fun things with the cat. Cats are playful animals too. An imaginative owner can think lots of fun things to do with the cat.

Cats are not very energetic animals. A cat would be seen lounging on the window seat all day… grooming, sleeping and watching the world go by. Do cats ever get bored? Of course they do! Certainly, the owner would not appreciate what a bored cat will do. Just like dogs, a bored cat can develop destructive habits. To prevent the cat from affixing kitty signature on the brand new furniture or decorating the carpet or the priceless rug with its teeth marks, the owner has to do something to prevent the pet from getting bored. There are plenty of fun things owner and cat can do. The owner need not purchase pricey toys. The owner only needs to be imaginative to “invent” fun things that would enhance the bond with the pet.

Bored with watching TV? Why don’t you play with your cat? No cat toys? Make one! Be a fisherman for a while. Get a stick, a string and a piece of paper. Voila! You now have a fishing line. Dangle the piece of paper in front of the cat’s face and allow the pet to catch the “bait”. Enjoy the antics of the cat as it jumps and runs trying to catch the piece of paper. Cats may appear delicate but these animals actually have excellent stamina. When it comes to playing, it is rather difficult to tire out a cat. This simple toy will provide you and your pet with hours of fun playtime as cats love pouncing and batting moving objects. To make entice the pet with a new toy, you simply remove the paper and place a colorful feather at the end of the string. Empty boxes, just like yarns and strings are staple toys of cats. Cats simply love boxes. You can cut holes at the sides and place balls inside. See if the cat does not jump inside at once. Ball with bells inside would make the playtime more fun. Allow the cat to paw the bell-containing ball. It is certainly hilarious to see the cat startled by the sound made by the bell. The cat though would be undeterred by the sound thus it would paw the ball again and again. Have you ever tried using laser pens to play with the pet? This is another fun thing to do with the cat. Shine the laser pen on a wall and watch the cat scamper around in an effort to catch the ever moving dot. A cat would go crazy over these laser pointers.

Playing is a natural instinct of cats. Play activities keep a cat’s mind and body healthy. Toys and the interaction of the owner with the pet are very important especially for housebound pets. Outdoor cats have other activities. Boredom seldom sets in with outdoor cats. Toys and fun things to do would stimulate the cat physically and mentally. A cat owner does not need pricey toys to interact with the pet. Toys made from materials that can be found in the house would be effective in amusing the pet. The important thing is to let the cat feel the affection and the attention of the owner. You too can have fun things to do with your cat. These playtimes will enhance the bond you have with the pet.