Fun things to do with cats

Who says cats are not fun animals to be with? Cats may have calm personalities…cats may not be showy with their affection for the human family but there is no doubt that these pets are wonderful to have around. Cats in fact are one of the most popular choices for pets. Pet parents have a lot of fun things to do with cats.

Cats are often the choice of senior pet owners. This is due to the cats’ calm personality. Cats would be contented being on the lap of owners that are watching TV. Belly rubbing would make cats purr with pleasure. Although cats are viewed as less energetic pets, these animals can be playful too. Cat owners are not only senior citizens but young ones too. This is because young owners can have a lot of fun things to do with cats.

Playing, like hunting is an inherent behavior of cats. Providing the pet with toys and with physically and mentally stimulating activities is very important in the maintenance of its well-being. So what are the fun things owners can do with the pet? Apart from being playful, cats are also very curious animals. Anything that moves will attract a cat’s attention. This nature actually makes it easier for owners to amuse the pet. Purchasing expensive toys would not be necessary as cats would already enjoy playing with paper, strings, yarns, balls or empty boxes.

Do you own cats? In a multi-cat household, playing with the pets may not really be necessary as the cats would play (and fight) with each other. Cats though are wonderful animals. Cat owners would want to interact with the pet as often as possible. So how would you amuse your pet cats? Have you tried using laser pointers to play with your pets? First, shine one laser pointer on the wall. The cats would try to outdo each other in catching the point of red light. You can shine the laser a little bit higher and see how high the cats can jump. Level up. Use another laser pointer. This will confuse the cats. Which one should it try to catch? The activity becomes more amusing when the cats meet in mid-air, collide and fall on the floor as they try to catch the swiftly moving red light.

Tie a ribbon on the cat’s tail. Be sure that at one end of the ribbon is a piece of crumpled foil. The sound of the foil and the feeling that the tail has an appendage would make the cat turn in circles trying to catch its tail. This is one hilarious activity as the pet would not realize that what is being chased is a part of its body. Empty boxes are cats’ best friends. An empty box can be used to play with the pet. Cut holes on the sides of the box and place a mirror on one of the holes. You certainly would have a good laugh when the cat with the hair standing on ends takes up a fighting position. The cat believes that it is fighting an intruder on its territory.

Cats are curious animals and sounds and movements would easily catch their attention. A Ping-Pong ball bounced on the tiled floor, a plastic water bottle with coins inside rolled on the floor would already be fun toys for the pet. The owner would have an enjoyable time bouncing the ball or making the bottle roll especially if the pet appears kind of foolish running after and investigating the home made toys.

The fun owners can have with the pet would only be limited by the imagination. Cat owners can have many fun things to do with cats because these animals are not hard to please.