Funny Things Cats Do

Cats are deceptively peaceful animals. These animals are commonly pictured grooming and sleeping. People that have not kept cats have the notion that these animals are the most suitable pets for older people given the fact that cats are pretty placid animals. However, a lot of people know that owning cats is fun as these pets can be funny. When it comes to being funny, cats can be easily likened to monkeys. With all the funny things cats can do, the family would have many hilarious moments with the pet.

Tail chasing is one of the many funny things cats do. A cat that is repeatedly turning around in an effort to catch its very own tail is very funny. The owners would double up in laughter especially when the cat managed to finally get hold of its tail and appears puzzled as pulling the tail is not possible. Once they realize that they cannot pull nor attack their own tail, they would let go and the endless turning around and tail chasing will be on again. Cats are said to be intelligent animals but it is apparent that kitty and company are not aware that the tail is a part of their body. Cat owners are aware that their pets have a fascination for boxes and grocery bags. Cats may ignore the expensive and brightly colored toy purchased by the owner. An empty box lying around though would not fail to grab the cat’s attention. As soon as the owner has emptied the grocery bag, the cat would start its CSI-like investigation. A cat that jumps into the box, managed to overturn it so that it is trapped inside would be an uproarious scene. The box would move by itself and bump into things because the cat would try to get out. What do you think would happen if a large tom cat managed to fit its body into a small paper bag? It is certainly funny to see that cat with the head and the upper torso enclosed in the grocery bag trying to set itself free. Unable to see, the cat would run around, do a lot of meowing and try to paw the bag until it is torn to pieces. And once it is finally free, the cat with a puzzled look on its face would gingerly paw at the paper bag and then vault instantly. “Oh no, you won’t catch me again!” this is probably what the cat is thinking.

Did you know that cats cannot recognize themselves when they look into a mirror? The family had one hilarious afternoon when the cat saw its image on the mirror propped on the wall. The cat stared at the mirror for the longest time. Finally, it bristled. The hair stand on end and with bared fangs, unsheathed claws and the back humped, the cat suddenly leaped at the cat in the mirror. Plunk! The cat slid to the floor and looked disdainfully at the laughing people.

Cats can have the owners in stitches with their antics. These are very unpredictable pets. You would never guess what the cat will do next. Anyone that says cats have a laid back personality has probably not lived with cats. Some cats may have aloof and high and mighty demeanor. Generally though, cats are playful, very curious, imaginative and crafty animals. Cats may not be aware that they are providing the owners hilarious entertainment with their funny antics. But this nature makes these pets even more wonderful to have around. Cats wouldn’t be one of the most popular pets if they don’t bring love and happiness to their human friends.