Funny things to do to cats

Wouldn’t you want to do something funny to your pet cats? Cats make good pets but there are times when the haughty demeanor would want the owner to prove that cats can do something that will tickle the funny bones of their human friends. There are a lot of funny things that can be done to cats that will make people double up in laughter.

More than dressing cats in funny costumes, people can do other funny things to cats. Cats can be difficult to train although studies have proven that these animals have high level of intelligence. Are cats really intelligent? Why then do cats appear foolish at times? One of the funny things people can do to their pets involve the cats’ tails. A cat and the tail can be a good source of entertainment for the family. It appears that cats are not aware that the tail is a part of their body. Tail chasing is one of the favorite activities of cats. You can level up the fun by tying yarn or string to the tail. It is certainly hilarious to see the pet chase the ball of yarn under the legs of furniture. There will be a lot of meowing and laughter when the cat managed to wrap the yarn around its body so that it can no longer move. Cats hate anything sticky on their paws. Adhesive tape is one of the remedies cat owners use to prevent the cat from manifesting an unpleasant behavior like spraying or inappropriate elimination. The adhesive tape can also be used to make fun of the pet. Stick adhesive tape on the cat’s paw and have fun watching the pet try to remove the sticky thing. The cat will successfully remove the tape from one paw but it will stick to another paw. To make the game more fun, stick a piece of foil or glittery paper on the stretch of tape. This trick is best done if there are other cats in the household. Other cats attracted by the toy would join in the fun by pawing at glittery paper until the stretch of tape is transferred to its paws. Not to be outdone, another cat would try to grab the toy so that the piece of adhesive tape would stick to its paw. It is certainly fun to watch the cats play the game.

Watch the cats collide in mid-air as they try to catch the moving red dots on the wall coming from laser pointers. Laser pointers or laser pens are now being used to play with the pets. After so much jumping and failing to cats the moving red dots, the cats would look puzzled and look at the owners with an expression of reproof on their faces as if saying “silly humans.” Cats are hunters. Anything small and fast moving will attract the attention of cats. Cats are ambush hunters too. This means that cats would wait patiently for the chance to capture the prey. Play hunting is another of the funny things to do to cats. The cat and the owners would have fun with a string tied to a stick and a piece of paper or a feather for bait. Cats would do everything to catch the “prey” dangled in front of its face.

Cats are noted to have placid personalities but cats are really playful animals. The cats’ funny antics will provide the family with endless hours of fun. There are many funny things owners can do to the pet. Playing with the pet strengthens the bond owners have with the cat. However, care must be practiced so as not to cause harm to the pets.