Funny things to do to your cat

Despite the dainty and serene personalities of cats, these animals can be the source of amusement of the family as unknown to a lot of people cats can be funny when they behave like monkeys. Cats indeed can provide the family with hilarious entertainment as aside from their funny antics, cat owners are known to do funny things to the pet.

Cats are one of the most popular if not the most popular pets. It is not unusual for cat parents to attribute the pet with human-like qualities as oftentimes, the pet considered as the baby of the family. The cat therefore will be dressed in colorful attire and will be made to wear booties.
A bespectacled kitty peeping from the jeweled tote bag of the owner is certainly fun to look.

Are you a cat owner? Have you ever tried doing funny things to your cat? Although these animals may appear fragile, cats are actually strong animals. Cat owners may worry about the possibility of tiring the pet with funny activities. Cats though have enduring stamina. Aside from this fact, cats are playful animals and they will certainly enjoy the attention given by the owners. Playtime will also be ideal bonding time with the pet.

So do you have any ideas on what to do to entice the pet to show its comic abilities? Cats are always fascinated by anything that is small and fast moving. This is the reason why Tom cat is always chasing Jerry the mice. Getting a live mouse can be kind of difficult but you can certainly play with the pet by using a homemade toy. All you will need is a string with a piece of paper tied at the end. Cats are ambush hunters. The trick is to lay the mock prey where it can be easily seen by the pet. And once the cat is about to pounce, immediately pull the string and make a loud noise. It would be hilarious to see the startled cat scamper for dear life. What would be more amusing is the fact that the cat would never learn. The process can be repeated over and over again and the cat would show the same reaction.

Another trick is to make the cat wear a headband with a plastic butterfly or any kind of insect attached and made to dangle in front of the cat’s face. Be sure though that the insect dangling over the cat’s face cannot be swiped by the paws. The whole family will double up in laughter as the pet tries to catch the elusive insect that moves every time it moves. This is a hilarious trick. You may want to ready your camera. A picture of the cross-eyed pet that is seriously concentrating to grab the insect is one for the “Funny cat pictures” website.

Cats have a bone that will tickle the funny bone of the owners – the tail. A cat can perform funny antics with its tail. These hilarious incidents would be highly entertaining for the whole family. Cats are said to be highly intelligent animals but did you know that your pet may not be aware that the tail is an appendage of its own body? Tail chasing is a behavior not only of dogs but of cats too. Another of the funny things that can be done to cats is to attach a ball of yarn or a stretch of adhesive tape to the cat’s tail. A piece of foil can be molded into the cat’s tail too. With the attachment on the tail, the cat’s action of turning around and around in an effort to catch its own tail will certainly make the cat’s human family laugh…a lot.