How big do Savannah cats get?

Savannah cat is a result of breeding a domestic cat and an African Serval cat. Savannah cat was produced by Judee Frank in 1986. The name of the Savannah cat refers to the habitat of the Serval cat, the African savannah.

Savannah cat is a new and rare breed of cat. Savannah cats are growing now becoming increasingly popular. Savannah cats have gorgeous body. This breed of cat has a small triangular shaped head. Their medium sized eyes are positioned just below the cat’s accentuated brow. The area around its eyes is marked by black outline which gives them a unique appearance. Savannah’s has cheetah-like tear marking from the eyes to the nose. This marking reduces the glare from the sun and helps the cat especially when it is hunting. Savannah cat’s ears are round and erect. Their ears have ocelli, which is a central light band bounded by dark grey or black color, giving an eye-like effect. Savannah’s has a short, close-lying coat and its fur has a slightly coarse feel. They have beautifully spotted or striped coats. Their coat ranges from amber to silver. Savannah’s fur can also have the marble pattern and other thinned color. Savannah cat’s torso is firm and lean. They have well developed muscles and strong bone structure. Savannah cats have slim, elongated legs that are similar to cheetahs’ leg. Their long legs help them to appear taller. The Savannah cat’s hind legs appear taller than their shoulders. They also have short tail with solid black color at the tip.

Savannah cats are known to be extremely energetic, adventure-seeker and friendly. They can easily be friends with other household pets and children. Savannah’s require a lot of attention and interaction from their owners. This breed of cat is very curious and playful in nature. They are commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty. Savannah’s are intelligent cats. Many savannah cats are not afraid of water. These cats are known to dip themselves in water to play. Savannahs are known to be high jumpers. When in a standing position, it can jump up to 8 feet. They love high action play and their most favorite game is fetch. Savannahs are not lap cats. They prefer to display their affection by head-butts and by following its favorite person around. Savannah cats emit a dual sound. Often times it emits a chirping sound or a purr.

These cats range from medium to large in size. When fully grown savannah cats measure up to 30 inches in length and weighs up to 18 to 30 pounds. This size makes them as large as domestic dogs. Savannahs reach their full growth between 3 to 5 years of age. Their slim build allows these cats to appear large. Average size is also dependent on generation and sex. Male Savannah cats are larger than their female counterparts.

Aside from the Savannah cats’ exotic appearance, they are also considered as one of the healthiest breed of cat. Servals, the progenitor of this breed have generally small livers and most Savannahs have the same genetic trait. Savannahs have a “hybrid vigor”. Hybrid vigor refers to the strong and increased vitality against diseases that occurs when species are crossbreed.
The liver of this breed cannot easily metabolize drugs. Medicating the pet should only be done with the vet’s supervision. Savannah cats do not require food requirements. They do not require a special diet. Savannahs receive the same shots as domestic cats.

Savannahs are unique cat breed as you can see. They make excellent companions. So the next time you want to get a cat, why not get a Savannah cat? It will be a great experience, that’s for sure.