How do cats mate?

Have you ever watched cats mating? The mating process is short but …rather violent. If you are the owner of the female cat and it is being bred for the first time and it is also your very first time to watch breeding cats you can’t help but fear for the safety of your pet. The mating process of cats is very short…lasting only for about 1 to 4 minutes. The queen (female cat) and the tom (the male cat) would get familiar with each other. The receptive queen will then take the mating position. The tom would mount the queen and bite her at the scruff of the neck to position himself on top of her. The tom will thrust his pelvis until the penis penetrates the vagina. In 5 to 15 seconds, the tom will ejaculate and withdraw the penis eliciting a scream from the queen. The queen will roll down and clean herself. The queen may refuse the advances of the tom right after it was mated though the mating can be repeated after about 30 minutes. Surprisingly, the female cat that has reacted so violently would be ready and willing to be mated again after a little while.

After sexual maturity is attained, a male cat will always be ready to mate. This is not so with a female cat. Female cats would only be receptive of the attentions of male cats if they are in heat. Female cat though are polyestrus, which means that they would have many in heat periods in a year unlike dogs that would be in heat only about every six months. A queen in heat will become more affectionate and would be noticed to rub her head and body against objects and humans. It would be very vocal. It will call potential sexual partners with a plaintive voice. To announce her availability, the female cat would spray. Several male cats would come and fight for the favors of the queen who will eventually choose one lucky tom. The partners would get familiar with each other by exploring each other’s bodies and sniffing the genital area. It is believed that the ritual is what causes the female to be aroused.

A ready queen will assume the mating position by crouching and raising the hindquarters in the air. The tail will be pulled to one side as well. The tom will mount the queen. With the front paws on either side of the queen and with the teeth latched on to the female’s neck, the tom will thrust and achieve penetration. Feline mating act is very short. In a few seconds the male will ejaculate and pull out making the queen scream. The female cat would appear violent and would try to paw the tom. The screaming is caused by the backward pointing spines on the cat’s penis that will rake the queen’s vaginal walls. These spines will trigger the queen to ovulate. Cats are induced ovulators. Ovulation will occur only through manual stimulation. This means that queens will not ovulate unless mated.

After mating, the queen would roll away and clean her vulva thoroughly. As mentioned male cats are always ready to mate thus the tom may approach the queen for a repeat performance. The queen would swat and scream at the tom. However, this after reaction will only last for a few minutes. The queen will be ready to be mated again…oftentimes with another male. This is why kittens in the same litter can have different fathers. The barbed penis of the tom acts as a brush that clears the sperm from the walls of the queen’s vagina. This allows the next tom that will mate with the queen to have a chance of conception.